Mission of the Mtavari Channel

Mtavari Channel pursues an independent editorial policy that upholds Georgian, Western, and Euro-Atlantic values and is committed to pluralism of opinion.

The airtime is equally distributed among all political forces. The government is currently in a boycott with "Mtavari Channel," refusing to participate in the channel's political programmes. However, in order to maintain a sense of balance, the channel still manages to record interviews with government officials in public spaces and air them in news and political programmes. According to the channel's decision, airtime is not given to aggressive and destructive forces that openly incite violence and spread misinformation about Georgia, the European Union, NATO and the West, with which Georgia shares common values.

The mission of the Channel is to provide viewers with balanced and objective information, to create programmes that contribute to the development of democratic processes in the country and to European integration, to expose disinformation and Russian propaganda myths, and to accurately present the activities of our European and Western partners. In addition, the channel systematically devotes airtime, programmes and sections to the promotion of democratic values, issues of equality, the protection of human rights, raising awareness of children's rights and the principles of women's empowerment.

"Mtavari Channel" went on air on 9 September 2019. Remarkably, the channel quickly secured a leading position in the television landscape, marking an unprecedented achievement in the history of Georgia.

"Mtavari Channel" operates as a private company. Details about its owners and managers are available in the Declaration of Compliance. The channel broadcasts across the entire territory of Georgia through traditional airwaves as well as satellite, cable operators, and IP-TV.