Mission of the Mtavari Channel

Mtavari Channel pursues an independent editorial policy that upholds Georgian, Western, and Euro-Atlantic values and is committed to pluralism of opinion.

The airtime is equally distributed among all political forces. The government is currently in a boycott with "Mtavari Channel," refusing to participate in the channel's political programmes. However, in order to maintain a sense of balance, the channel still manages to record interviews with government officials in public spaces and air them in news and political programmes. According to the channel's decision, airtime is not given to aggressive and destructive forces that openly incite violence and spread misinformation about Georgia, the European Union, NATO and the West, with which Georgia shares common values.

The mission of the Channel is to provide viewers with balanced and objective information, to create programmes that contribute to the development of democratic processes in the country and to European integration, to expose disinformation and Russian propaganda myths, and to accurately present the activities of our European and Western partners. In addition, the channel systematically devotes airtime, programmes and sections to the promotion of democratic values, issues of equality, the protection of human rights, raising awareness of children's rights and the principles of women's empowerment.

Since April 2024, Mtavari Channel has an Editorial Board consisting of journalists, producers, and heads of departments. 

The primary role and purpose of the board is to define the channel's editorial policy and direction, agree on principles, and develop a strategy; serve as a guarantor of the channel's editorial independence and protect and prevent it from any interference; be guided by international standards of journalistic independence and ensure compliance with the norms of professional ethics; to provide balanced and unbiased information to viewers; to protect Euro-Atlantic aspirations.
The board is composed of 13 members.

  • Giorgi Gabunia - General Director, Chairman of the Board
  • Paata Iakobashvili - Anchor / Mtavari at 21:00
  • Diko Jojua - Anchor / Mtavari at 21:00
  • Misha Sesiashvili - Anchor / Post-Factum, Mtavari
  • Eka Kvesitadze - Host / Different Accents, Mtavari in the World
  • Teo Giligashvili - Head of the news department
  • Kakhi Anjaparidze - Head of political talk shows
  • Eka Saria - Producer / Post-Factum
  • Tamar Chantladze - Head of educational and entertaining programs
  • Tamta Muradashvili - Director of international advocacy and institutional development
  • Teona Chemia - Head of Public Relations, Communications and Marketing
  • Dimitri Sadzaglishvili - Legal Director
  • Kote Urushadze - Head of Digital and Web department

"Mtavari Channel" went on air on 9 September 2019. Remarkably, the channel quickly secured a leading position in the television landscape, marking an unprecedented achievement in the history of Georgia.

"Mtavari Channel" operates as a private company. Details about its owners and managers are available in the Declaration of Compliance. The channel broadcasts across the entire territory of Georgia through traditional airwaves as well as satellite, cable operators, and IP-TV.

Guidelines for the Recruitment and Training of Staff

Mtavari Channel follows a structured and effective approach to recruiting and training professionals in all fields related to media and broadcasting. 
The recruitment procedure for the interns is as follows:

•    Internship Announcement: We regularly announce internship opportunities on our Facebook page, providing detailed information about the requirements, duration, and benefits of the internship. This ensures transparency and clarity for potential applicants.

•    Outreach to Journalism Schools: We maintain ongoing relationships with leading journalism schools, regularly sending information about our internship program to attract passionate and talented candidates. This proactive outreach helps us tap into a pool of candidates who are already enthusiastic about pursuing careers in broadcasting.

•    Selection Process: Our selection process begins with a thorough review of motivation letters and CVs submitted by applicants. Shortlisted candidates are then invited to interviews, where we assess their skills in writing, experiences, and enthusiasm for the internship.

•    Supervision and Assignments: Upon joining our 3-month-long internship program, interns are assigned dedicated supervisors who provide guidance and support throughout their internship journey. 

•    Paid Internship for Successful Candidates: We offer paid internships to the most successful candidates who demonstrate exceptional potential and dedication during the 3-month-period of internship. 

•    Potential Employment Opportunities: Throughout the internship program, we communicate to interns the possibility of future employment opportunities based on their performance. This serves as a motivation for interns to excel and showcase their skills, while also helping us identify potential long-term team members.

Diversity and Inclusion: We prioritize diversity and inclusion in our internship program. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or any other protected status."

The procedure of hiring professionals consists of the following stages:

•    Identification of Vacancies: When a position becomes available within our company, our HR team announces the internal competition for the vacancy. If the position is not filled, it is posted on the jobs.ge vacancy platform to reach a wide pool of talented individuals who may be interested in joining our team. 

•    Application Review and Shortlisting: Once applications start coming in, our HR team carefully reviews each one, considering the candidates' experience, qualifications, and portfolios. 

•    Interview Process: Shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in interviews/castings with our hiring managers and team members. 

•    Probationary employment: Successful candidates will be offered employment with our TV company, usually starting with a three-month probationary period.

•    Training and Onboarding: New hires undergo comprehensive training and onboarding to familiarize themselves with our company policies, procedures, and workflows. They are assigned a mentor or supervisor who provides guidance and support as they acclimate to their new role.

•    Performance Evaluation and Transition to Permanent Employment: Throughout the probationary period, we conduct regular performance evaluations to assess the new hire's progress and provide feedback. At the end of the probationary period, if the new hire has met expectations and demonstrated a strong fit with our company, they are given permanent employment.

Offered Trainings:

As part of Mtavari Channel's recruitment policy, we have been actively collaborating with various local and international NGOs for years to enhance the skills of our staff. At our request, these organizations provide training, workshops, and seminars to our employees, offering advice aimed at improving skills and fostering an inclusive environment. We take pride in featuring human rights defenders and activists with disabilities as co-hosts on our shows, where they also serve as advisors in their respective fields.

Mtavari Channel proudly stands as the first media outlet in the Caucasus region to become a signatory of the Women's Empowerment Principles initiated by the United Nations Women's Organization. Our employees undergo training with a focus on areas such as gender equality, the economic empowerment of women, reporting on domestic violence against women, and more.


Mtavari Channel has joined the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI), committing to a certification mechanism aimed at professionalism and distinguishing trustworthy journalism to promote a healthier information space.

Mtavari Channel's JTI Questionnaire