Ministry of Justice involved in registration of strangers in the apartment of voters - Ivane Burduli


Ivane Burduli, a former CEC official, links the registration of strangers in the apartment of voters with the Ministry of Justice.  According to Burduli, electoral lists are processed by the Ministry of Justice and transferred to the CEC, which becomes a subject of election manipulation. He talked  about it in the program "Guest of the Day” on  Mtavari Channel.

"Too many people were heartbroken at these elections: when they discovered that a few dozen people were registered in their address, not just family members, it was done in the very last minute so that the voter could no longer respond," - Ivane Burduli said.

Ivane Burduli does not name specific persons in the Ministry of Justice, but believes that the whole system is involved in the process.

According to Ivane Burduli, the lists sent to the CEC from the Ministry of Justice are then provided to the precinct election commissions. There are two types - wall and desk - lists. Wall lists at polling stations are posted one month before election day, and desk lists, according to the new election change, are  submitted to the commission 12 hours in advance, which will no longer allows checking them.

The discrepancy between the desk lists and the wall lists, according to Ivane Burduli, allows for manipulation.

Let us remind you that Ivane Burduli was a senior specialist of the Department for Relations with Election Commissions at the CEC and the coordinator of 5 districts. He has resigned today, November 6, due to large-scale election fraud.