Shooting near the Oligarch's  Palace - Shots were fired at an opposition rally


A few minutes ago, the sound of gunfire was heard near the oligarch's glass palace, 6 bullets were found. Patrol police are mobilized on the spot, however, the identity of the shooter is still unknown.

Right now, the opposition groups and civil society activists are holding a protest rally  against election fraud at  the Palace of the Oligarch.

"At the moment when we were protesting against the rigged elections near Ivanishvili's house, it seems that someone passed by. We did not see him and as soon as he passed by, we heard several gunshots. It clearly indicates that it was done to intimidate the protesters here," - said one of the protesters.

We would like to remind you that the protest of civil activists and the opposition regarding the election results has been going on for six days already.

Opposition groups in various parts of the capital have been protesting against the legalization of the results of the October 31 elections. Opponents of the government speak of mass falsification, though both the CEC and the government deny the allegations.