It is ridiculous even to talk about entering the parliament, where not a single committee is headed by the opposition - Eka Gigauri


Transparency International Georgia CEO Eka Gigauri says the Dream is not ready to share power. So, there's no point in entering the parliament, where the opposition doesn't have the position of a chairman of even one committee , especially  when there are no proposals from the ruling team.

"When they call on the opposition to enter the parliament and the opposition has no leverage in the parliament and there is not a single committee which  it can chair, I think such appeal is ridiculous. We have been talking for many years about the need to create mechanisms in the parliament itself, so that the opposition could influence various processes. In all developed countries, the heads of the budget committees are the representatives of the opposition parties, because they manage the budget committee better," said Eka Gigauri.

Gigauri recalls the case of 2008, when the opposition refused to enter parliament, when the then government compromised, offering opponents seats in the cabinet.