Russian occupiers detain  33-year-old Zaza Gakheladze.


Russian occupiers have abducted 33-year-old Zaza Gakheladze - an incident occurred this morning near Skhvilo fortress.

Gakheladze lives with his family in the village of Kvemo Chala. His family members say that he left the house this morning to pick mushrooms and called his mother a few hours later and told her that the armed occupiers were taking him in the direction of  occupied Tskhinvali.

A statement from the State Security Service says that during illegal detention, members of the Russian occupation forces shot a man in the leg with a gun and then illegally detained him.

Hotline has been immediately activated and both the EUMM and the co-chairs of the Geneva International Talks have been informed of the above-mentioned grave incident committed by the Russian occupation forces.