"I appeal to everyone, please, help to save Mtavari Channel" - Nika Gvaramia's address to the society, businesses, and organizations


Nika Gvaramia, Director General of Mtavari Channel, makes an appeal from Rustavi Penitentiary Facility No. 12 and calls on the society, businesses and organizations to help and save Mtavari Channel. Nika Gvaramia's appeal was made public by his spouse Sofia Liluashvili.

My dear boys and girls from Mtavari Channel,

Thank you so much for everything you do, of course I mean your personal support for me, but there is something more important to it and that is the moral precedent that you set by your example. What you do is an example of resilience that can only be described as the resilience of a special dignity, and what you endure is an example of faithfulness and love.

I feel fine, don't worry about me. Take care of the Channel. The main line of the Western Front now runs through the existence of Mtavari, not my release, as many mistakenly believe. The Channel must survive, we have no other choice. The Channel must survive. What I am saying is not addressed to you, you do not need to be reminded of that. I am addressing everyone who can save the Channel. If there is a goal to unite around, it is the rescue of the Mtavari Channel.

I urge you, help "Mtavari. To those who are personally committed to my support, let me say that the main form of this support would be the support for the "Mtavari Channel".

Please help "Mtavari", I am asking on behalf of myself and my family. Save "Mtavari", I am asking this in the name of the European future of our homeland. Be it 1 GEL, or a grant of many thousands, be it from the poor or the rich, be it from a Georgian or a foreigner, be it from a private person or an organization, be it a donation or an advertisement. Help Mtavari Channel, please, help our freedom, I humbly ask.

With great hope and gratitude,

Nika Gvaramia.