Georgia will not join the war and there will be peace - Mdinaradze's answer to Kasianov


According to Mamuka Mdinaradze, leader of "Georgian Dream", today's statements of the temporary representative of Ukrainian affairs, Andrei Kasyanov, were intended to harm the government. According to his own statement, "as for being a party to the military conflict, Georgia will not do that, it will not get involved in the war and there will be peace in Georgia."

According to him, military aid cannot and will not be provided to Ukraine, because it will be taking an active role. Mdinaradze says that Georgia offers full political support to Ukraine.

"Kasyanov spoke about many topics, everything was secondary, and I will say frankly, it was intended to harm the Georgian government, it seemed like a direct goal, because he said the main thing that we talked about during the previous days, and some of our opponents even took an ironic approach to this issue,  Kasianov said this directly, that Georgia should come out as a party in a military armed conflict, that is, in a war in this case. It is not in Georgia's interests to become a party to the war against Russia, because of the occupation, we will maintain peace," said Mdinaradze.