"The best public defender in the history of Georgia" - Nika Gvaramia thanks Nino Lomjaria


"The best public defender in the history of Georgia" - this is how Nika Gvaramia, founder and CEO of "Mtavari Channel" evaluates Nino Lomjaria and thanks her. This was stated in a statement issued by the Rustavi Penitentiary.

I couldn't let this day pass without saying anything.

Today is the last day of the mandate of Nino Lomjaria, the best public defender in the history of Georgia and, without a doubt, one of the most worthy and qualified state officials of all time.

I want to thank her very much, first of all, as a citizen of this country, who is proud to have represented his country, at home and abroad, for 6 years, as an exceptionally charming and top world-class figure. I want to thank her as a political prisoner - perhaps the best evaluator of the public defender is the one whose protection is difficult and, in the context of Georgia, dangerous. I want to thank Nino and also express my concern that she had to endure the heaviest blows and insults because of my protection. However, the greater the resistance, the greater was the perseverance of Lomjaria.

It is a pity that the country is losing such a public defender, but I am sure that Georgia will not lose Nino Lomjaria and we will definitely see her (we must see her!) in other, no less important places and circumstances for the country.

I congratulate Nino on his extremely successful career as a public defender and I expect new and even greater achievements from her in the service of our homeland! I wish the same for her and my homeland!, - writes Nika Gvaramia.