I hope everyone who took part in illegal imprisonment, torture, poisoning will be punished - Giuli Alasania


The third president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, was visited by his mother Giuli Alasania in the clinic today. According to him, court sessions are delayed, which is very harmful for his son.

Alasania hopes to make a similar "Magnitsky list" and everyone will be held accountable for illegal actions against her son.

"The man is poisoned, and until the poison is out of his body, he will be very ill, and may not live at all. The courts are delayed, unfortunately, which is very harmful to him, but in the meantime, McFaul's article came out, which was very important, and my son's article was printed in the Wall Street Journal. Which is very important, because sometimes such remarks are heard here that it is simulating, the articles of simulants and fraudsters are not printed there, they are spread out in every way, and they know exactly what they are printing and to whom. In addition, I have information that Bill Browder participates in the compilation of the list, which already concerns Mikheil Saakashvili, a similar list of Magnitsky will be made here, and I hope that everyone who participated in this illegal imprisonment and such suffering and poisoning of him will be punished," said Giuli Alasania.