There is a cry of joy on every lost gram - on Nadiradze Mikheil Saakashvili's visitors


Nino Nadiradze, the clinical director of "Viva Med", says that he has never been in a situation where he had to hide if there is any improvement in the patient's tests, if he is afraid of weight gain, if he is afraid of improving any parameters.

  According to him, among Mikheil Saakashvili's visitors, there is a roar of joy for each lost gram.

"I don't know what the visitors talk about with him, but the fact is that this number of people, from the point of view of medical help, have not done anything. After my many requests, no one can convince me that even one of them told him to eat better, on the contrary, there is a cry of joy at every lost gram. By the way, today I was happy that we have gained 200 grams in weight," said Nadiradze.