"I understand that the key to Mikheil Saakashvili's freedom is only to be very ill" - Nadiradze


The clinical director of "Viva Med", Nino Nadiradze, is currently being questioned at the trial of Mikheil Saakashvili. During the trial, Nadiradze says that the key to the freedom of the third president is only his being sick.

"I do not interfere either in his protection, nor in his desires, nor in his aspirations, let him find the key to his freedom. This is his right. The most precious thing for all human beings is freedom. It is precisely because of this freedom that we do everything. I also do not know what I will go to, what I will do for the sake of freedom. What I will sign...we are not interested in the patient's aspirations, we want the patient to be healthy, although I also understand that the key to freedom is only in him being very ill, I understand that too. But we do not cut corners. To those I think are supporters of the patient, I don't hesitate to talk to them either in writing or orally, to convince the patient that it is vitally necessary to take the appropriate caloric intake for him", said Nino Nadiradze.