Kobakhidze thanks "People's Power" and says that the Russian law has done an important job


According to the chairman of "Georgian Dream", Irakli Kobakhidze, the "Russian bill", which was rejected by the parliamentary majority in the second reading today, has done "its important work". He thanked "People's Power" for initiating the said bill. Kobakhidze listed three "important things" that, in his opinion, the bill did:

"This bill has done its important job in many ways. Firstly, everyone recognised that being an agent is hard work, no matter whose agent you are, that's the first achievement of this bill. Secondly, everyone also learned that these people, or rather organizations that are engaged in various non-governmental activities, such as demanding from the stage the resignation of the government, which is not the business of non-governmental organizations, as well as declaring unfalsified elections as rigged, such as PVT falsification, church swearing, LGBT propaganda, arranging provocations near the so-called border of the so-called South Ossetia. These organizations are not agents of Georgians, but agents of foreign influence, this is the second information that this draft law brought to the Georgian society very clearly and obviously, therefore, the third important message that this draft law has is that Bakuriani's plan will never be implemented. In other words, no one can return the National Movement to power in Georgia with the help of NGOs. These are the three important messages brought by this draft law, for which I thank the "People's Power" team and also each MP who supported this draft law in the first reading," said Kobakhidze.

For information, the parliamentary majority today, after protests and criticism, rejected the Russian bill into the second reading.