The law was a way for the public to learn more, it has missed that chance - Khundadze


Dimitri Khundadze, one of the authors of the Russian draft law, a member of "People's Power", says that by not adopting the law initiated by them, society missed the chance to learn more. According to him, they took into account to the young people.

"We should take into account the young people so that they don't get harmed because, unfortunately, there was a chance for that. Therefore, we have to withdraw them. Although this law was a way for the society to know more, it missed this chance," said Khudnadze.

To the journalist's question, whether they may return to this issue, the MP answers that no. 1 in favor, 35 against - with this result, the "Russian bill" failed in the second reading today. The only one who supported the bill this time was Dimitri Samkharadze. "Georgian Dream" MPs did not vote against the law at the session.