The West in the Georgian political spectrum should separate itself from the destructive opposition and not the other way around - "People’s Power"



"Actually, this whole exalted campaign served only the interests of other countries, which lead us back to the path of war. As soon as the protesting young people caused a turbulence in the country, the issue of the second front in Georgia was immediately renewed from Ukraine. We should all remember that the war in Ukraine is not over yet and it is not far from us.

Nor should we forget that today there is no greater concern than the peaceful restoration of territorial integrity. However, the new war puts us in front of a new occupation, where we will not have a helper and a savior again.

When we want to be a member of the stable West, the West in the Georgian political spectrum should distance itself from destructive opposition and violence, not the other way around".

"People's power", which was the initiator of the "Russian law" in the parliament, declares.