Without being implemented, it brought more results than it could bring if implemented - Kobakhidze on "Russian Law"


According to Irakli Kobakhidze, the chairman of "Georgian Dream", the Russian draft law brought more results without being implemented it could bring if implemented According to Kobakhidze, everyone recognized that being an agent is no good , no matter "whose agent, be it the North, West, South or East".

"Once again, we would like to point out that the Foreign Agents Bill has done more without enactment than it could have done with enactment. First of all, everyone has recognized that being an agent is a crime, no matter whose agent you are, of the North, the West, the South, or the East. The public now can clearly distinguish the agents of foreign influence from agents of people's influence. It became clear to everyone that those organizations that are trying to implement Bakuriani's plan from the stage were demanding the resignation of the government, trying to undermine the reputation of the church, conducting LGBT propaganda, opposing the energy independence of the country, etc. in fact, are not the agents of the Georgian people, but are agents of foreign influence. In addition, the draft law and the discussion around it will effectively prevent the implementation of Bakuriani's plan in the future, that is, the coup of the government with the involvement of NGOs. We remind you that a revolution took place in our country through NGOs in 2003, which resulted in Georgia's democratic backsliding, authoritarianism, human torture, business racketeering, media seizure and occupation of 20% of the country's territory. We emphatically state that we will never allow the National Movement to return to power through the agents of foreign influence," said Irakli Kobakhidze.

We remind you that despite the criticism of the civil society, international partners and politicians, the Parliament adopted the Russian law in the first reading on March 7, it was supported only by the majority of deputies. Citizens protested against the adoption of the law with a rally in Rustaveli avenue , which lasted for two days. Law enforcement officers dispersed the demonstrations using force. After public protests, the ruling party was forced to drop the law three days after its first reading.