Pro-Russian thugs remove the EU flag in front of parliament and burn it


A group of violent protesters removed a European Union flag placed in front of the parliament building and burned it. The police did not arrest anyone for this action.

During the march, the attackers spread aggressive and threatening statements. Members of a radical group threw a stone at Zaza Bibilashvili's law office, injuring an employee.

"It is not Altinfo, this is a rally organized by the "Russian Dream" which is raiding everyone on its way and which the police provide as much comfort as possible. The stone fell in our office several minutes ago. It hit an employee in the head, he covered his head with his hand, his hand is in blood now. The practically were killing him. Everything was filmed. Well done You can see who is shooting -  Zaza Bibilashvili writes.

photo: mariam nikuradze.