"Radicalism generates radicalism" - Papuashvili on the burning of the EU flag


Parliament speaker Shalva Papuashvili reacted to the rally of a pro-Russian radical group and the burning of an EU flag on Rustaveli, saying that "radicalism begets radicalism.

"From what we see, radicalism breeds radicalism, such behaviour is certainly unacceptable, no matter who it comes from. Accordingly, the damaged flagpole will be repaired and the flag will be returned to its place with due respect. [..] As for the slogan-loving MPs who are now urging us to use different symbols, this is not a serious approach, and I will answer this question. When the windows in the parliament building were smashed, then you should have thought about Europe. If they are talking about Europe they should have a European flag in their hearts and their behaviour should be European," Shalva Papuashvili said.

For your information radical groups have torn down and burned the EU flag flying near Parliament in Rustaveli avenue. The Interior Ministry launched an administrative investigation into the incident.