"The country needs Nika Gvaramia's freedom" - professors and scientists join Nika Gvaramia's freedom movement



Professors and scientists joined "Nika Gvaramia's Freedom Movement". Today they made a statement at building 1 of TSU.

"Nika Gvaramia is unjustly imprisoned, the whole of Georgia knows it, but the main thing is that it is already known to Europe , the people who are trying to bring back Georgia to the European family know it, and this imprisonment that is hindering for the country must be stopped. Nika Gvaramia's freedom is needed by our country today. Nika himself may not need it so much because he will withstand all this, but he must be released, because it is needed for Georgia, for its future. We appeal to the President of Georgia to use the mechanism at her disposal and take this decision state-wise. The imprisonment of Nika Gvaramia must be stopped," said Professor Zurab Papaskiri.

Lawyer Ketevan Eremadze,former judge of the Constitutional Court, who has also joined Nika Gvaramia's freedom movement, says that there are more than enough legal grounds for pardoning, and the argument that there are no decisions of all three instances in his case will not work. According to her, there is also precedential practice when the fourth president has pardoned prisoners after the decisions of the first and second instances.

"He is not only a political prisoner, but also a prisoner of conscience, because he is serving a sentence for the belief he has," says Professor Zurab Davitashvili. According to him, Gvaramia's freedom is directly related to Georgia's integration in the European family - "for a country that has innocent prisoners, the road to the European Union is closed" - says Davitashvili and calls on the President of Georgia to take into account this approach and the request of public representatives. Doctors, lawyers, writers, school teachers have already joined demand for freedom of Nika Gvaramia.