I am sorry that Georgian radical parties have the opportunity to walk in the corridors of Strasbourg or Brussels - Papuashvili on the opposition



Speaker of the Parliament Shalva Papuashvili accuses the EU structures of encouraging radicalism in Georgia. According to Papuashvili, the visits of representatives of the "radical opposition" to the West and meetings with them contribute to this.

Papuashvili responded to the meetings of the three parties in Strasbourg and Brussels and expressed "concern" that they have the opportunity to do so:

"I am very sorry that Georgian radical parties have the opportunity to walk in different corridors of Strasbourg or Brussels and meet with members of the European Parliament, etc. Two parties in this delegation - "Droa" and "Girchi" are officially radical. They are radicals, they rejected the mandates of MPs , call on the opposition from the outside every day to give up their mandates and leave. The leader of "Droa" is distinguished by the fact that she holds disinformation briefings once every two weeks and accuses the country of circumventing sanctions, and each time it has been proven to be a lie. And the parties engaged in the cultivation of this lie and the cultivation of radicalism have meetings in different structures of the European Union, the union that calls on us for depolarization, this is certainly an encouragement of radicalism in Georgia," Papuashvili said.

We remind you that the members of "Strategy Agmashenebeli", "Droa" and "Girchi more freedom" are holding meetings in Strasbourg and Brussels regarding the issue of European integration of Georgia.