Of course, we want European integration, but it is important to preserve dignity - Kaladze


"Of course, we want European integration, it is very important and we are taking concrete steps, but, once again, it is important for us to maintain our dignity. If we are told by Europe, I don't think anyone knows better than me what Europe is, European values, I spent my best years in Europe, in one of the best cities of Europe, and we know what these European values mean. But when you are told that you need a 12-point plan to get a status, ok, even though I may not agree with not giving me the status from the beginning , because my country really deserved to receive the status, ok, this 12-point recommendation are needed, I follow you, I do all this, but someone comes out, certain MEPs, and uses all this, the status, as a counterweight to the release of the criminal, is this normal now?!"

Kakhi Kaladze, General Secretary of "Georgian Dream", said.