An important part of Ukraine has been turned into a polygon today – Gharibashvili


Prime Minister, Irakli Gharibashvili, spoke about the Ukrainian war in the parliament and described in detail the losses and damages that Ukraine received in the war.

"The war in Ukraine does not stop, the results of the war in Ukraine as of today are as follows: more than 20% is occupied, more than 100,000 dead, including women, children. Cities, villages, districts are leveled to the ground, infrastructure is destroyed, including critical energy facilities, the damage amounts to almost 1 trillion dollars and the war continues. A significant part of the territory of Ukraine has turned into a polygon today. I will also tell you that 15-20 million Ukrainian citizens have left their homes, this is a tragedy and this situation needs to be analyzed daily," - Gharibashvili said.

 Let us remind you that at this moment the Prime Minister of Georgia is being listened to in the Parliament.