Nika Gvaramia's lawyers request the recusal of Judge Merab Gabinashvili in the Supreme Court


Lawyers of Mtavari Arkhi Director General Nika Gvaramia are demanding the recusal of Judge Merab Gabinashvili at the Supreme Court. They recently issued a statement.

"Today I am addressing the Supreme Court regarding the recusal of judge Merab Gabinashvili. Nika Gvaramia's cassation appeal has been in court for more than three months and it has been assigned to judge Merab Gabinashvili, but during this time not only the cassation appeal has not started, but the names of judges who will consider our cassation appeal have not been published yet. The reason is that the government is in advance looking for the judges to sign off on the illegal verdict handed down by the government," Sadzaglishvili said.

According to him, the system of distribution of cases is vicious, and the cases with political component are being given to clan judges, who deliver the needed decisions. Sadzaglishvili claims that Merab Gabinashvili was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2019 in gross violation of legal requirements, as he is a loyal clan member and a person close to the government.