Mikheil Saakashvili weighs 58 kilograms - Giuli Alasania


The latest information from "Viva Medi" - the mother of the third president states that the patient's weight has already reached a critical level of 58 kilograms. Earlier, by the clinic's own admission, if the weight was lower than 60 kilograms, it would have been necessary to transfer the patient to the intensive care unit.

According to Giuli Alasania, Mikheil Saakashvili was offered a rehabilitation program under the leadership of Elene Giorgadze, which the third president refused, because he had already undergone a similar program in Gori Hospital and his condition worsened after that:

"He already weighs 58 kg. Do you think that a person who has become 58 kg must die for sure? Then let's say that he is committing suicide. The person is poisoned and cannot eat the 1,500 calories that they ask for. As for the consilium. As far as I know, they offered Elene Giorgadze to come .. This is the lady who was in charge of feeding him in the military hospital in Gori, which everyone critisized and considered that one of the reasons for his health condition was the refeeding that took place there," says Alasania.