The war party brought out the mothballed agents - Kobakhidze on the Western partners


According to Irakli Kobakhidze, chairman of "Georgian Dream", the "harmless and logical" statements of the Prime Minister in Bratislava were met with "absurd" and "incomprehensible" criticism from international partners. According to Kobakhidze, the Global War Party "brought old and new agents" to the stage.

"The Global War Party involved absolutely all agents in this campaign, both inside and outside the country. I would advise them to expose their agents less often in the future. They brought out the old mothballed agents, new agents. We didn't remember Laura Thornton at all, and suddenly they rolled her out. That is, everyone, all the old and new agents of the Global War Party, inside and outside the country, were brought to the stage and spoke complete nonsense regarding the completely harmless and logical statement made by the Prime Minister," said Kobakhidze.

Gharibashvili made another anti-Western and pro-Russian statement at the thematic discussion held within the framework of the Global Security Forum (GLOBSEC). According to him, one of the reasons for the start of the war in Ukraine was Ukraine's intention to become a member of NATO.