The government of Ukraine behaves wrongly, relations between countries are not built on whims - Papuashvili


The Speaker of the Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, repeats once again that the government of Ukraine relates relations between the nations on one person, the third president of Georgia. According to him, when the war ends, they will have a clear conversation with the Ukrainian authorities on all issues.

According to him, the request to transfer Mikheil Saakashvili is a whim and "relations between countries and peoples are not built on whims".


"We, first of all, feel the responsibility towards our Ukrainian sisters and brothers, and this is the friendship that Georgia has always shown to Ukraine, and especially in these difficult moments that Ukraine has after Russia started an aggressive war against Ukraine. Unfortunately, part of the Ukrainian government has chosen different path, not the path of appreciating friendship, of showing friendship, but they have chosen the path of a certain resistance, so to speak, when they relate the relations of entire nations on one person from their point of view, which is certainly sad and above all it does not suit the Ukrainian authorities themselves, I said yesterday that that decision , which we heard is damaging for Ukraine itself, since the decision of the Strasbourg court was questioned in President Zelensky's statement," Papuashvili said.

He once again reiterated that Ukraine has won not only a military war with Russia, but also a legal war, and questioning the decision of Strasbourg would harm them.

"The Ukrainian authorities are acting wrongly here, the Ukrainian authorities are the ones who recalled the ambassador from Georgia, initially, while even in Belarus they had an ambassador, and the Ukrainian authorities are the ones who actually expelled the Georgian ambassador from Ukraine. The ambassador who was the only one among the ambassadors who remained , was not afraid of the Russian bombs, while the ambassadors of the USA, Germany and others left Kiev, the Georgian ambassador was there until the last minute, the Georgian flag was not lowered even for a minute in Kiev, when the flags of other countries were lowered in front of the embassies. In response to this, when this ambassador is expelled from the country , this is an undiplomatic gesture towards our country and our people. That's why I expect that all Georgians, it doesn't matter if they are in the opposition or in the opposition media, nobody should be in the opposition of Georgia when such an attitude is revealed to Georgia, they should be clear about this issue ", said Papuashvili.

 Papuashvili says that the authorities of Ukraine still harbor criminals in the form of Adeishvili and Lortkipanidze.