According to the lawyer, Ivanishvili is punishing Bachiashvili for supporting Ukraine


The lawyer of the former head of the co-investment fund, Giorgi Bachiashvili, Robert Amsterdam, says that the initiation of the investigation against Bachiashvili is related to Bachiashvili's pro-Ukraine and pro-Western statements. Amsterdam announced this in an interview with "Mtavari Channel". As the lawyer pointed out, the facts mentioned in the indictment had been happening for 8 years, although before that it was not a problem. The defense side connects the initiation of the case against Bachiashvili to political persecution and revenge.

"If you read the indictment, you'll see that the prosecutor's office is actually acting as a one-man's agency, and that individual threatened retaliation against my client for statements he made regarding the war in Ukraine. These facts that the indictment speaks of have been going on for the past 8 years and there was no problem with them. There was none until my client made these pro-Western statements. So there is reason to believe that this is an attempt of revenge. So the timing of these charges and the very strange behavior of the prosecutors, compounded by the strange nature of the charges, because they are without any basis, is just outrageous," said Robert Amsterdam.

The full interview with Robert Amsterdam will be offered to you in the 21:00 news edition of "Mtavari Channel".

The published statement does not say what Bachiashvili's lawyer means by political persecution. "Mtavari Channel" is trying to contact him. As a reminder, the court granted Bachiashvili bail in the amount of 2.5 million GEL as a preventive measure. The prosecutor's office demanded 3 million. Bachiashvili is accused of illegal appropriation of a large amount of cryptocurrency and legalization of illegal income. As it is known, the prosecutor's office accuses him of embezzling the bitcoins of Bidzina Ivanishvili, the founder of the "Georgian Dream". Bachiashvili himself does not admit guilt. The next trial is scheduled for August 31.