False complaint against Mikheil Saakashvili and pressure on prisoners | Interview with a former prisoner of Rustavi prison


For exactly two years, the third president of Georgia has been a political prisoner of the Georgian Dream - during this period, his health has worsened substantially. He is still in the clinic, and his condition is critical. Throughout this time, the president's lawyers have repeatedly suggested that his health condition may have been harmed.

A few weeks ago, Mtavari TV was contacted by a former prisoner, who was serving his sentence in the 12th institution of Rustavi when the third president was there. This person confirms the revenge of the prison administration towards Saakashvili and the pressure on other prisoners to be used as a tool against the imprisoned president.

Obviously, no one has any illusions that the administration came up with all this on its own, and presumably, the order came from the highest levels of government.