Ministry of Culture Tea Tsulukiani's Appointee Receives Two Salaries From the State Budget


Nika Akhalbedashvili, the First Deputy General Director of the National Museum and the Director of the Art Museum, receives two salaries from the state budget, online media outlet “Publika” reports

According to “Publika,” Akhalbedashvili receives one salary under the contract signed with the Museum, and the second one - under the labor contract signed with the Ministry of Culture. According to the reports, Akhalbedashvili, who is an appointee of the Ministry of Culture Tea Tsulukiani, receives up to GEL 7 000 in total. 

“The source of "Publika" provided a copy of the mutually signed agreement, according to which, in December 2022, Tea Tsulukiani signed a contract with Nika Akhalbedashvili, the subject of which is the ‘implementation of non-permanent tasks in the Ministry.’

Nika Akhalbedashvili is responsible for ‘coordinating the special regime of management in the group of museums and the process of restoration of the Art Museum, and performing special tasks of the Ministry's management’. The contract emphasizes that Akhalbedashvili must carry out the work alone,” - says Publika.

The lawyers highlight several violations, including the fact that the division of responsibilities between the Ministry and the Museum constitutes an artificial duplication of functions. They also note that Akhalbedashvili is not accountable to the General Director of the National Museum, but to Minister Tea Tsulukiani herself.