Kremlin Uses Orban as “Trojan Horse,” Putin Wants to Destroy the EU from Inside - Viola von Cramon


“The Kremlin uses Orban as a “Trojan Horse” because for Putin it is important to have someone inside of the EU; [he is] destroying the structures from inside, destabilizing the EU, and using the resources for taking care of Orban. That is the problem with him,” - says Viola von Cramon with Mtavari TV, stressing that Hungary is “not playing according to the rules” and it has undermined the EU values, thus the EU should go against it, and even mind to expel it from the Union.

As for the context, Orban said earlier that negotiations with Ukraine for EU membership should not start, and that Hungary stands firm on this position. Cramon also believes that the issue of the EU funds, which are frozen for Hungary, is why Orban has found the vote of his country on starting Ukraine's EU accession talks as a considerable lever to use.

Cramon added that in this context, Georgia has nothing to fear, since the GD's policy goes very well in line with that of Orban and that for the EU's pro-Russian leader, “there is no appetite” to block Georgia's path in the Union. However, Cramon reiterated that it's Georgia's "remarkably brave" people, not the Government, who awarded the EC's positive recommendation on EU Candidate status.