Russo-Georgian Business Council Session was Held in Ingushetia


The Russo-Georgian Business Council session was held last week in Ingushetia, Ekho Kavkaza reported. According to the information of the government of Ingushetia, Russia’s north caucasus republic, the session was dedicated to “tourism and cultural values in Russo-Georgian relations.”

According to the press release, the involved parties have decided  to organize transportation connections, arrange a youth festival, create a joint archaeological expedition, and more. 

In addition, it was reported that the parties visited “the starting site of the construction of a new railway through Ingushetia to Georgia.”

Talks regarding the potential construction of a railway connecting Ingushetia and Georgia gained momentum in the fall of 2023. Notably, the vice president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vladimir Padelko, discussed the issue. The Georgian government did not comment on this initiative. 

As reported by Ekho Kavkaza, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ingushetia previously named the proposed route of the railway line, stating that “the goal of the project is to establish a stable transport railway connection through the Main Caucasus Range, between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Georgia, and to shorten the route of freight and passenger traffic.”