Statement of  "Mtavari  Channel"


Statement of  "Mtavari  Channel"

We are responding to the disinformation being spread against Mtavari Channel by the government and pro-government propaganda media.

For almost two years, we have been working with friendly countries to seek support from major international funds to address the channel's difficult financial situation. However, this is a complex and lengthy process that is not yet completed.

Naturally, the purpose of the grant we are seeking is to maintain the Mtavari Channel's independent editorial policy, further freeing it from political influence and transforming it into a balanced, critical media outlet. The channel's management has been consistent in this regard, and we have taken concrete steps to implement impartial reporting and maintain high standards. These efforts have been recognised both by Mtavari Channel's viewers and by international foundations who have entered into negotiations with us to support this direction.

As for the specific allegations made by the government and its media - that Mtavari Channel received a grant to discredit the court and promote LGBT propaganda - this is completely false and fabricated by the government itself. Such allegations are easily debunked: there is no substantiated evidence, either verbal or documentary, in any of the materials or articles produced on the subject to support such accusations.

The dissemination of deliberate lies by the government and pro-government media channels is a continuation of the "Russian Law" operation, which the government failed to implement last March due to the struggle of the Georgian people. It is significant that in the midst of difficult events in the country, such as the unhindered operation of Russian special services on Georgian territory, the potential receipt of a grant by a private television company has become a priority issue for the Georgian government and its media.

We are used to such attacks from the Government and no one can intimidate us. "Mtavari Channel remains steadfast in its mission to defend the interests of Georgian democracy and society, and we will continue to cooperate with true friends of our country.