Scandalous recordings from Imedi TV - Nikoloz Laliashvili considers "Mtavari" and Nika Gvaramia to be the number one enemies


Scandalous recordings from TV channel "Imedi" publicized by the Charter of Journalistic Ethics:

The recording, the main figure of which is Deputy Director General of the channel Nika Laliashvili, includes several episodes and is dedicated to the discussion of one of the programs of Maestro TV channel, belonging to Imedi Holding;

Nika Laliashvili is dissatisfied with the content of the program. He rejects the balanced coverage of journalists and says that now Imedi Tv is at war and the journalists working there are soldiers who have to fight against the Mtavari channel, Nika Gvramia and the National Movement, while those who reject this war are deserters.

Laliashvili assures journalists that we, the Mtavari Channel, are their number one enemy, that now is the election year, and that the National movement is returning to power and that Imedi should not allow this.

Now we are entering an active phase of war." "You can't say you're not on the front line when your army, I'm your army, we" Imedi "- one team if we're fighting and you say:" I'm not fighting ", it's a desertion, it's called desertion", - says Laliashvili in the recording.

These records of Nika Laliashvili are now available on the official website of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics, and it was established on the basis of these records that Nika Laliashvili violated Article 2 of the Charter, according to which "it is inadmissible to force a journalist to act or express an opinion against his conscience."

It should be noted that Nikoloz Laliashvili himself did not attend the council meeting and did not submit a response.