Political revenge - Levan Khabeishvili's election headquarters member is expected in the police.


Levan Kartvelishvili, an electoral staff member of Levan Habeishvili, is expected to be questioned by Saburtalo police. Kartvelishvili has no hope of investigation and says there is a syndrome of impunity in the country and no cases of attacks on opposition activists have been investigated so far.

Levan Khabeishvili also has no hopes of an investigation.The majoritarian candidate says political retribution is already systematic, although the Georgian Dream government always calls it a coincidence:

This  already has an organized character. If I tell you that I hope that the investigation will find out something and punish the guilty, I will lie because there has never been such a precedent before," Khabeishvili said.

Yesterday evening, on October 11, Kartvelishvili was attacked in Bakhtrioni street. He has face injuries and he says that the motive of retaliation is political. Kartvelishvili says that strangers were irritated with his"UNM" T-shirt.