GD has enough support to form a majority, to form a government- Talakvadze


Parliament Speaker Archil Talakvadze is confident that the Georgian Dream will have enough votes to form a government and that a coalition will not be needed. Talakvadze echoes the statement of the party leader Ivanishvili and says that the "Dream" has 64% support:

“We have been able to maintain peace and stability in our country better than any other government over the years, including by pursuing an international and effective foreign policy. We were able to take care of people and protect their rights. We were able to carry out economic reforms, protect business, protect property.
We have enough support. "All authoritative polls show that the Georgian Dream has 56 to 64% support in different regions. This is enough to form a majority, to form a government," - Talakvadze said.