Armed attack on opposition - Okriashvili's staff member names attackers


Investigative actions are underway in Bolnisi, where a member of Kakha Okriashvili's election headquarters was attacked yesterday, October 19. Police are looking for evidence on the spot but have so far found nothing. Levan Mikeladze, who was driving a car during the attack, is also involved in the investigation.

Mikeladze directly blames Goga Meshveliani, the majoritarian candidate of the Georgian Dream, and his entourage. Mikaldze named his attackers yesterday, but the police have not yet questioned them. We are talking about Bolnisi City Council member Beka Tsakadze, and Mikaladze names as the second attacker Achiko Mindiashvili.

Achiko Mindiashvili is a member of Goga Meshveliani's office, and the second, Beka Tsakadze, is a member of the Bolnisi City Council. They chased me along the road, one of them stopped me, the other came from the back, they were going to stop me, they started beating me and threw me off the road ... then there were 5-6 shots," said Micheleadze.

His lawyer demands the immediate arrest of the attackers, stating that there are clear indications of a crime under Articles 19-108, which means attempted murder in aggravating circumstances.

Irakli Kobakhidze also responded to the armed attack in Bolnisi today and traditionally blamed his opponents.

Gogi Meshveliani also denies the accusations. The majoritarian candidate of the Georgian Dream says that what happened yesterday in Bolnisi is a staged performance by Kakha Okriashvili and members of his staff.

Okriashvili himself calls the "Dream" statements "idiotic".The attack took place yesterday, October 19, in the evening. Members of Okriashvili's staff were chased by two cars near the village of Nakhiduri and then shot at 6 times.