More than a million was spent on Zurabishvili's excursions from the state budget in 9 months


Against the background of the difficult economic situation in the country and the covid-epidemic, more than one million GEL has been allocated from the state budget for the trips of the President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, during the last 9 months.

The information in this regard is published by "Embezzlement Detector".

"Keeping a president who is not actually exercising her powers and misusing whatever powers she has, costs enormous sums of money. During the coronavirus, the president was actively spending money on domestic business trips and excursions because there were no other activities," - said "Embezzlement Detector".

For reference, the President spent 21,364 GEL from the budget on excursions across the country. These data do not include the period before the spread of the coronavirus (January-March), during which GEL 15,232 was spent on the President's internal visits and GEL 236,312 on her foreign trips.