Kramer hopes Mike Pompeo’s visit will facilitate dialogue between the opposition and the government


Former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs David Kramer thinks that the Secretary of State's visit to Tbilisi is primarily related to Karabakh, but given the local, tense policy, Kramer hopes that this visit of Mike Pompeo will also facilitate dialogue between the opposition and the government.

In an interview with Natia Gogsadze, David Kramer also says that using a water cannon in cold weather is a violation of the law.

"Of course, Pompeo's visit is related to the ongoing processes in Karabakh, which also affect Georgia. But, as you said, Pompeois coming at a very tense time for Georgia, the elections, and the controversy that followed. So I'm sure Pompeo will facilitate  the dialogue between the opposition and the  Georgian Dream". Since  the opposition refuses to enter the parliament, the Georgian Dream must recognize that the international response has not been as positive as expected. It has been positive, but there has been more criticism, so Pompeo will contribute to the dialogue," said David Kramer.

Regarding the ongoing political rallies and crisis, Kramer says that everyone has the right to protest, so a peaceful form of protest is ensured.

"There are two aspects, the opposition and the citizens have the right to protest. Although the coronavirus creates big problems, the government should not use the coronavirus for political purposes, to limit the opposition's protest.

For their part, the opposition protest should be peaceful, non-violent, but the dispersal using the cold water cannon in such cold weather is a violation of Georgian law, especially since the demonstrators were not warned about it. Journalists and citizens were injured; the government has a responsibility not to use force unlawfully, and the opposition must ensure that the protest is peaceful, so it is necessary to sit down and negotiate.

I do not know what the government or the opposition should do, but the fact is that this election has caused a great deal of controversy, which has raised the question of how the next parliament should function within the constitution, so all proposals must be considered. There are questions with the election commissions, the opposition is asking for re-elections, so all problems should be resolved at the negotiating table and everyone should discuss with common sense," David Kramer said in the show "Guest of the Day".

David  Kramer also talked about future politics in Georgia, as well as what American policy would be like in Georgia under the new administration.

"Pompeo will arrive next week, he will stay in the government until January 20. The Biden administration will be very pro-Georgian. In 2017, Mike Pence, the vice president, arrived. You must remember that the Georgian issue has bipartisan support in the United States," David Kramer told the chief.

Recall that incumbent Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo will arrive in Georgia on November 17-18.