Ivanishvili only responds to the protests of the people, come out - "European Georgia" to the citizens


At the moment, the leaders of "European Georgia" and their supporters are holding a small procession from the First Gymnasium to the Parliament. The rally of the united opposition in front of the parliament will start soon.

"The most important is that Ivanishvili only reacts if there is a public protest; if there is a public protest, we will hold new elections, if there is no public protest, then he will reject everything, he does not care about the international opinion or anything else, the main thing is public protest," said party leader Gigi Ugulava.

Gigi Ugulava once again called on the population to join the rally in front of the parliament. Another leader of the party, Giga Bokeria, noted that the position of the parties and a large part of the society is unchanged.

Recall that at the moment the united opposition and their supporters are holding a rally in front of the Parliament on Rustaveli Avenue. They will protest the election results once again.