Another employee leaves CEC


Press secretary of the Central Election Commission Ana Mikeladze has resigned. She wrote about it in her Facebook.

We offer the text in full:

"I assure all my supporters that by personal decision I am no longer an official employee of the CEC.

In life we have to make difficult but important decisions, and, of course, every step we take must correspond to our own values. Those of you who know me well know that I have always worked in local and international organizations, as well as in the public sector, guided only by the principles of professionalism, fairness and integrity, and I have always tried to contribute, even a little, to the development of our country.

I would like to thank each of my colleagues, partners, journalists, people with whom I have long business or friendly relations for the cooperation," Ana Mikeladze wrote.

Ana Mikeladze has not appeared again after Tamar Zhvania announced the results of elections on the night of October 31. After that the head of the Human Resources Management Department gave briefings as a speaker. The opposition believes that Mikeladze's decision is yet another proof of how the elections in the country were rigged.

"Today's statement of Ana Mikeladze is a clear confirmation of the fact that she refused to announce lies, forged figures of Tamara Zhvania and thus misled the public.Mikeladze's decision is a clear proof that the elections were terribly rigged," said Zurab Melikishvili.

According to the member of "European Georgia" Levan Tarkhnishvili, this is a worthy decision of a worthy person.

As for the Central Election Commission, the agency verbally confirms that Mikeladze wrote an official statement and resigned. They don't even make any additional comments.

Mikeladze worked in the Central Election Commission for 5 years.