Tourism Alliance and Shopping Malls urge the government to ease restrictions


The tourism sector is appealing to the government - the tourism alliance is asking to open mountain resorts and allow restaurant business to work. The members of the alliance have already sent the four-point plan to the government.

"We are generally apolitical. What do I have to do outside the restaurant, near the chancellery; I should be doing my business now. Since my staff and a lot of people around me, the restaurateurs are left without income for the New Year, we have come out and  are having one request- let us work," said Levan Kokiashvili, the restaurateur.

According to him, otherwise, the state should pay monthly salaries to the employees in this field, because one-time assistance of 200 GEL is not enough.

"The tourism industry has received a primary blow and is in a very deplorable state today. Our demands are to maintain jobs and adapt to the epidemic situation in this area, not to lock in and shut down," said Maia Sidamonidze, managing partner of Protravel Georgia.

Representatives of shopping malls have also addressed the government. Among their main requirements is the postponement of bank loans.

"The 4 main requirements, as you know, it is the pre-New Year period, which is the most important in the trade sector. The main requirement is to be able to work not from December 24 but from December 15, which we explain by several factors. For us, it will be oxygen to save the sector and retain employees, " says PR Manager of the shopping mall, Tina Kukhianidze.

The government has not yet responded to the statements of the representatives of this field.