The season of political hunting is open - a response to the oligarch


It is already known that oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili is going to trade political prisoners in the wake of the stolen elections. The season of political hunting is open, the targets are: General Director of the "Mtavari Channel" Nika Gvaramia and the leaders of the opposition parties- Gigi Ugulava, Nika Melia and Irakli Okruashvili. Their trials will resume, which means that before the third round of talks, Ivanishvili intends to trade their freedom.

Leaders of opposition parties say it is a political bargain and its aim is to change their minds and make them enter parliament. The cases are scheduled  one after the other. Nika Melia's lawyer says there is political interest in the case.

These cases were part of negotiations with foreign diplomats. I can clearly say that Nika Melia's case was politically motivated from the very beginning. As for the expectations, we will try to prove that Nika Melia had nothing to do with group  violence," said lawyer Giorgi Kondakhashvili.

It is completely absurd that he will achieve something with this, it is pressure and dictatorship in all directions, Ivanishvili will not achieve anything with this, - says Gigi Ugulava.

It is not by chance that four cases are listed, four judges could not come to this decision so independently. Ivanishvili's move indicates that Ivanishvili has not learned anything and has not been able to draw any conclusions: no one is going to enter parliament and take part in this farce. Everything is already clear," said Irakli Okruashvili.

As for the CEO of "Mtavari Channel", Nika Gvaramia  said from the beginning: "I openly declare that in none of the negotiations I need any concessions to be made to the Dream's terrorist regime for my sake."

Also known is Gigi Ugulava's position, he said his freedom would not be exchanged for early elections.