"Georgian Dream" files complaint against Mtavari channel in regulatory commission -Media Waiting for Sanctions


Georgian Dream, specifically Irakli Kobakhidze, is suing Mtavari Channel. The reason was the decision made on the eve of the second round of elections, according to which the " Mtavari Channel" refused to provide free electoral advertising and thus exercised its constitutional right.

The ruling team intends to apply another sanction of the regulatory commission against critical media. The regulator will consider the complaint of "Georgian Dream", which was submitted to the Communications Commission on December 18.

"In the second round, our channel did not allocate its free time to anyone, the free time was not used for political advertising. Although it was publicly announced," Georgian Dream " requested from us the use of this time, which we refused in writing. Since this was the channel's position and the channel could not have  remained indifferent to the ongoing events, not only did it refuse free political advertising, but it  also refused to place paid advertisements in exchange for money from the CEC," said Tamta Muradashvili, a lawyer for the Main Channel.

She said the party was not harmed by this behavior, though to punish the critical media, the regulator would definitely apply financial sanctions on December 31.

"Georgian Dream" claims that the commission's decision will be made by Kakha Bekauri.

"Punishing the channel is a loud word, if there is such a complaint, it will be considered by the appropriate institution, in fact I am not well-informed about it, I have no personal intolerance towards any channel," said David Sergeenko.

  Let us remind you that apart from advertising, Mtavari Channel did not cover the second round of elections at all because of the protests.