"Dream" is in the first place in the number of donors, there are also signs of political corruption - TI


Transparency International Georgia publishes a study of the pre-election environment of the 2020 parliamentary elections, where it talks about the donors of 8 political objects and mentions the signs of alleged political corruption.

According to them, in many cases, people who donate to the Dream, then win tenders announced by the Dream and return the money with the help of administrative resources.

As it turned out, the ruling party's donor companies won tenders worth about GEL 68 million in 2020 (till Nov. 17), and these companies donated  GEL 1.6 million in favor of the Georgian Dream during the same period.Especially noteworthy in this regard is G&K Technologist Ltd., which won tenders worth 17.2 million GEL during the year, and its owner Roman Abramishvili donated 60,000 GEL to" Georgian Dream "in February," the statement reads.

In total, the amount of such donations is up to 3 million, while the tender contracts concluded in the name of persons close to the donors are worth up to 70 million.

"They are donating money to the ruling party and we see that they are large contractors in public procurement. In 2020, such companies received tenders worth 70 million GEL, when they donated 2-3 million," said Levan Natroshvili, Transparency International Georgia Manager.

According to the study, Dream ranks first in terms of donations, Lelo ranks second and the United National Movement ranks third.