Nika Gvaramia's trial scheduled for February 2


The trial of Mtavari Channel CEO Nika Gvaramia is set for Feb. 2. He posted a status on Facebook and ironically wrote that the court lost its independence immediately after Bidzina Ivanishvili left politics.

"Mr. Bidzina, as soon as you left, the court lost its independence and started misbehaving!  The prosecutor's office followed the example.

In short, they have lost memory without you, and the conscience as well. For example, they have scheduled my trial for February 2. They no longer remember the March 8 agreement, nor the moratorium over the Covid. They want to put me in jail.  So, come back, what a time it was with you- a fair prosecutor's office and a court!" - Nika Gvaramia writes.

Recall that the previous court scheduled the trial on December 1, and it should have been held on December 7. The trials of Irakli Okruashvili and Nika Melia were scheduled on the same day, but the next day the court postponed all of them indefinitely.

The Prosecutor General's Office accuses the General Director of "Mtavari Channel" of unlawful misappropriation of property rights in aggravating circumstances while still the director of "Rustavi 2". If a guilty verdict is handed down in this case, the Human Rights Center says that this case will be appealed in Strasbourg.

In the 2019 report, the Public Defender noted that the investigation against Nika Gvaramia was unfounded and it should not have started at all. She said there were no signs of a criminal offense in the case at all.