Call him and say what he dictates you - Tsulukiani gave Nika Gvaramia's number to Elisashvili


"Georgian Dream" MP, Tea Tsulukiani, responded to the leader of "Citizens", Aleko Elisashvili, who named his phone number at the plenary session but publicized not her own mobile phone number, but that of Nika Gvaramia. Tsulukiani told Elisashvili to call Nika Gvaramia and speak in the parliament what Gvaramia prompts him about election fraud.

"Mr. Aleko, you have shown us here the high standard of democracy, how to communicate with the people, and you have also publicized your number. I also want you to write down the number, it is 577 * * ** take it down and the people should also know it. But , this is not my number, it is Nika Gvaramia's phone number. Call him sometimes and he will dictate you what to say, whether the elections were rigged or not. If the elections were rigged, what are you doing here ?!" - said Tea Tsulukiani.