Secret Files of State Security Service- Interview with the man who installed surveillance cameras in somebody else's apartment


An interview with a State Security Service-employee who is already in jail now. Ivane Gulashvili is the person whose main task at State Security Service was to break into someone else's apartment and install hidden surveillance cameras there. He was not told whose apartment doors he was sent to open, but he was able to identify some of them himself - for example, he described Ana Dolidze's house in an interview: he knew from the photos whose house he was in.  

Ana Dolidze confirms that it is in fact her apartment. The cameras are installed illegally, the main purpose is to get the footage from the private life and then blackmail people.

Gulashvili also describes how Gakharia, his deputy Sabanadze and Gomelauri watched the June 20 rally with the cameras he installed and how later the footage was destroyed, presumably because the footage indicated police misconduct during the dispersal of the rally.

Gulashvili also says that he installed a surveillance device on Giorgi Rurua's car.
The interview also talks about other secret operations of the State Security Service - when Ivane Gulashvili realized that he no longer wanted and could not continue this illegal activity, he decided to come to us and show us the hidden material that you saw on TV Pirveli yesterday. This happened on November 24, 2019. He showed us the material, gave us an interview, but had certain conditions that we had to meet because he was afraid that if State Security found out about his coming to us, he would be killed.

However, Ivane Gulashvili did not appear after that and we could not reach him either. Without his consent we could not have endangered him, so we kept the recorded interview in the archives.

Now it turns out that he was arrested shortly after visiting us - naturally, the case is secret and even the lawyer does not say what are the charges for arresting Gulashvili. Although we know that he is in custody under the article on disclosure of state secrets, he was sentenced to 9 years, although the sentence was reduced to two years under a plea agreement.

After TV Pirveli first leaked the secret material and revealed Ivane Gulashvili's identity - both his name and his appearance - it was also said that he most likely serves the sentence for withdrawing the materials from State Security, the "Mtavari Channel" decided to show the interview that was recorded a year and a half ago.