Anothernhearing on Nika Gvaramia's case will be held today in City Court


Another hearing on Nika Gvaramia's case, General Director of the Mtavari Channel, will be held today, April 7, at the Tbilisi City Court.

"Another court hearing in the case of Nika Gvaramia's political persecution will take place. At this hearing, the prosecution intends to interrogate one witness, Kakhaber Anjaparidze, the founder of “Intermedia +” "Rustavi 2" sales house. We are convinced that, as it was in the testimonies of other witnesses in previous cases, not only the accusation against Nika Gvramia was not confirmed, it was confirmed that he was actually being persecuted for political motives, and this will happen at this hearing as well." - said the lawyer, Dimitri Sadzalgishvili.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses the General Director of the "Mtavari Channel" of abusing his authority against the legitimate interests of the broadcaster and using significant sums of money in his official capacity while being the Director of Rustavi 2.