“UNM” will not sign the new document


"National Movement" will not sign the new document proposed by Charles Michel - Akaki Minashvili made a statement about it.

According to Minashvili, the issue of release of political prisoners is unclear in this document:

"According to this version, we are not signing the document for the following reasons: the issue of the release of political prisoners is unclear. Here is a conversation about bail and you are well aware of Nika Melia's position in this regard. Also, we are talking about amnesty in a fairly broad sense and include those people, public officials who have used force to harm our citizens protesting against Russia. We will not take part in such an amnesty. The weak points are that even the chairman of the Central Election Commission remains in the position for another 2 years. It is unclear when the election administration will change. The Attorney Generalis also staying in his position, there is no talk about new judges, which means that no real changes can be made.
As to the proposal regarding early elections, this is a wrong approach, because the self-government and parliamentary elections qualitatively differ from each other," says Minashvili.

The UNM says that in order for the document to be signed, it is important that Nika Melia be released unconditionally, and that the mechanisms for the release of Giorgi Rurua are clear.

Western mediators offered a new document to the “Georgian Dream” and the opposition on April 18.