I am heartbroken, saddened and deceived .. no one dare to pay the bail - Nika Melia from prison


"First of all, I will not discuss the decision of any opposition politician. It is their sovereign right and I will not judge anyone, especially from here, but I am very disappointed and to tell you the truth, I was disappointed and deceived. It turned out that the agreement was signed and beyond this agreement , Verbally, someone agreed with someone.that Turma Melia has to pay bail. This is a prerequisite and my whole 2 month struggle was not even a whim. It is my idea not to bow my head to injustice.I was killed with a sword that dealt with the affairs of politicians that delimited the scope of action "I broke it and it came out now that it was as if someone had to pay with my consent, which I am categorically against, whatever it is. No one should dare to pay the ransom."