This fact proves that the fight always makes sense - Davit Bakradze on the release of Nika Melia


Opposition politician Davit Bakradze, who signed the Charles Michel document, responds to the city court's decision  to satisfy  the Prosecutor's motion and the release of Nika Melia.

"First of all, I congratulate Nika Melia on his deserved freedom - his uncompromising struggle and courage have paid off, and today, with the full unprecedented political and financial support of the European Union, he is free from political captivity.
The release of Nika Melia is the victory of the people who fought during these difficult months in protests, in tents, on the street, at the negotiating table. Such a  fact as  the release of Giorgi Rurua, proves once again that the struggle always makes sense, and in this struggle, with a thoughtful strategy and the support of our European and American allies, we can always achieve results. Today is the victory of the people who want to end the political persecution in our country, normalize the situation and fully implement the document of President Michel. With the release of Nika Melia and Giorgi Rurua, a big step forward has been made in this direction.
Now is the time to improve the electoral system before the local elections, where another key article of President Michel's agreement will be fulfilled - together we must achieve that the Georgian Dream cannot get more than 43% of the vote and then finally defeat this government in early parliamentary elections. Common opposition unity is of great importance to achieve this goal. It is necessary to agree on the ways for the pro-Western opposition to win the local elections without confrontation, hatred, or attacks. I am sure that Nika Melia, who was released from political imprisonment in this process, will play a leading role in this" - said Bakradze.